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LifeMed Worldwide

Medical and Non-Medical Transportation Over 1,000 Cities Worldwide

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Company Commitment

Our professionalism forms the basis of a true commitment. Our people and their values make the difference.

LifeMed Worldwide has been providing ground ambulance services for over a decade. We are well known for providing reliable and convenient transportation around the world, with emphasis on aviation related ground support.

We are committed to outstanding care and service to our patients and their families, providing transport with professionalism and compassion.
We are committed to having highly qualified professionals that are ready to go, wherever and whenever they are needed, in major cities and remote areas as well, including areas of difficult access and limited resources
We are committed to Ethical Business Practices in every decision we make and every partnership we form. •
We are committed to Quality
  • Quality of Care,
  • Quality of Staff and
  • Quality of Service

Your Worldwide Ground Ambulance Supplier Network

Meet our team members

Leandro Pires

Chief Executive Officer

Tatiana Marinel

Vice President Operations Manager

Ralf Rehder

Vice President Business Development

Andreas Haase

Vice President International Relations

Dolly Jordan

Director of Business Development

Mauricio Suppi

Director of International Relations