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Critical Care Transport

The most professional support for critically ill patients

Critical Care Transport (CCT) are specialized transport services, offering an expanded scope of service beyond advanced life support (ALS) transportation, offered by emergency medical service teams.
The medical teams are comprised of highly trained paramedics, nurses, physicians (if needed) and occasionally respiratory therapists.

Existing medical literature supports the use of CCT teams over ALS teams for transport of the most critically ill patients.
It is a fact also that helicopter CCT is not always available or practical. Therefore, offering comparable air and ground options with similar staffing and resources is a hallmark of advanced Emergency medical services.

In addition to that Long Distance CC Ground Transportation is also a cost saving alternative to air transportation. Vehicles need to be staffed though with a licensed paramedic with extensive training in emergency and non-emergency situations. The individual patient’s needs must be met from the most basic to the most advanced in medical monitoring.